About us

Who we are . . . !

We, Browns And More, are a young chocolate confectionery manufacturers who believe in creating a customised and personalised chocolate experience.

Chocolate looks and sounds great, it has a shine, luster, an apparent freshness, a sharpness, that everyday chocolate just doesn't have. If there was anything to describe Browns and more in simple words, this is it.

As the essence lures your taste buds, the chocolates ooze out their smooth sumptuous taste at once. A taste that is a result of high-quality chocolate-making processes. This is best achieved by chefs with years of experience and high-quality chocolate making machines and equipments.

Browns and more bean to bar

What we believe in . . . !

We at Browns And More believe in empowering our customers with choice. The fundamental option anyone wants when creating a gift.

Customisation is what makes a gift feel more personal and special. To achieve this we ensure that a multitude of options are available to suit our clients' requirements.

Personalisation can range from the simplest change in colour of ribbon to match the occasion or to make a box with customised handmade paper with your very own design. We offer personalisations right from the ribbons to the colour theme, personal message to your favourite flavor or chocolate gift box imprinted with the company’s logo.