Durlax India - A sleek chocolate folder just like sweet product catalogue.

Durlax is a fine quality solid surface manufacturing company which takes design seriously. When gifting to their customers, they wanted to bring back the feeling of opening a palate of their solid surface range in a folder like box, only to realise that they are actually chocolates. The chocolate wrappers were elegantly disguised to resemble solid surface chips. The second important solution was a slim design which ensured low shipping charges.

Our motive has always been to enter the brand owner's shoes while at the same time looking at the final product from the receivers eyes. This enables us to create solutions which have an impact. The ‘wow’ reaction to our product presentations and personalised chocolate box ideas is what drives us to perform with higher benchmarks and to deliver on innovative ideas.

Creating personalised & customised solutions in chocolate boxes has been the end goal. Creative, budget-friendly, attractive, innovative, delicious, are just a few keywords we follow as guidelines when creating a new product for any customer. We offer personalisations right from the ribbons to the colour theme, personal message to your favourite flavor or chocolate gift box imprinted with the company logo.

To reward an employee or to make an impression on a client, celebrating festivals or sharing the happiness of achieving brand milestones.
A chocolate box is unparalleled to receive or gift! Send us your enquiry and we would love to create customised and personalised options.